Faith inspired action


  • Waqf Support
    x Waqf Support fund will support the stability and sustainability of the Waqf organisation. It is also a form of Sadaqah Jariya (continues charity).
  • Genaral Waqf
    x For those who are unsure of which sector to donate to, we will use it where it is most needed.
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  • Emergency Relief Waqf
    x From conflict in Syria to floods in Pakistan, emergencies are a disastrous but definite part of life. Although we can’t stop them from happening, we can reduce the affect that they have.
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  • Orphans Waqf
    x Support an orphan today and you’ll be supporting a whole community. We give orphans the opportunity to make a life outside of poverty.
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  • Water & Sanitation Waqf
    x 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. Together we can change this.
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  • Education Waqf
    x We think everyone has a right to an education, but around 57 million children have no school to go to. Donate to give a child an education.
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  • Health & Nutrition Waqf
    x 400 million people do not have access to essential health care services. We need your help to support them.
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  • Qurbani Waqf
    x For some, the Qurbani meat that we distribute is the only meat they’ve eaten all year.
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  • Livelihoods Waqf
    x We live in a world where around 2.2 billion people are either near or living in poverty. We need your help to support them to build themselves a life outside of poverty.
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Keep in touch with us

We would like to keep in touch with you to share the latest information on our work as well as how your donations have helped IR Waqf save lives, via email. We will always treat your personal information with the utmost care and will keep it private.

Important Information – Reclaiming tax on your donation
Donations made via this website are treated according to UK tax rules. If you wish to make your donation according to a different tax system, please click here for a list of Islamic Relief Partners (Worldwide Offices). An Islamic Relief partner is an Islamic Relief office that is operating independently but under licence obtained from Islamic Relief Worldwide.

Other ways to donate

  • Bank transfer

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    £ Sterling donations:

    ACCOUNT NO: 23785408
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    ACCOUNT NO: 79181877
    IBAN: GB93 BARC 2007 7179 1818 77

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    ACCOUNT NO: 86338022
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    Donations by Cheque

    To donate by cheque please do the following:

    1. Select a fund and amount for your donation and complete details in the form above “Card Holder Details” if you have not already done so but do not click “Submit”. When we receive your cheque, we need these details to ensure your donation is used as you want, to send you a receipt or contact you if there has been a problem.
    2. Make your cheque payable to "ISLAMIC RELIEF"
    3. Use the button below “Print From” to print this page and send it together with your cheque.