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Current Emergencies and Appeals+

  • South Asia Earthquake Appeal

    An earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and India at around 2.30pm local time on Monday, October 26. The earthquake impact was mostly felt in remote areas of northern Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    In the immediate aftermath, reports suggested 135 deaths and more than 800 people injured. Information is continuing to trickle through about the full impact but in one district of Afghanistan alone, more than 500 homes were destroyed.

  • Mediterranean refugee crisis

    Your donations to the Mediterranean refugee crisis fund will support Islamic Relief's emergency programmes to assist vulnerable people seeking safety. Many thousands of people face perilous journeys in an attempt to reach Europe, and in numerous countries local services are struggling to meet their needs. Refugees are lacking even basic items such as blankets and soap - and they also require support to help them to access the services they need. Islamic Relief is helping in a number of European countries including Greece, Germany, and Italy.

  • Nepal Emergency Appeal

    Shortly after 11am local time on Saturday, April 25, an earthquake struck the area between Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal. Measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, it was the worst earthquake experienced in Nepal for 80 years.
    Islamic Relief has responded to the emergency, and, after assessment, expects to distribute food, shelter, water and non-food items such as hygiene kits and kitchen sets to some of the 1.6 million people believed to have lost their homes. Support our emergency appeal.

  • Ebola Crisis

    The current outbreak of Ebola was declared in West Africa in March 2014, and has since spread quickly. Thousands have died to date. To assist affected communities and to help prevent the spread of the deadly disease, Islamic Relief is working with organisations who are operating in the region.

  • Syria Crisis Appeal

    Last year, the region saw the worst winter storm in 20 years. In December 2013, Snowstorm Alexa brought snow, bitter wind and sub-zero temperatures. Roads were blocked for five days, slowing emergency efforts to provide aid.
    This year, work has already started to hand out tarpaulin to block the wind, and blankets to help keep people warm. We hope to distribute gas heaters and cylinders, blankets, winter clothes, carpets and mattresses, as well as the food vouchers that we give out all year.
    Please help us to reach those who will struggle in the cold this winter; donate to our Syria appeal today.

  • Yemen crisis appeal

    Recent and ongoing military action is increasing in a country that has endured many years of internal conflict. In March 2015, conflict intensified and 14 of Yemen’s 22 governorates have already been affected, with hundreds of people killed, and massive country-wide displacement expected.
    Islamic Relief is distributing food, water and sanitation kits, as well as trauma and first aid kits to some of the thousands of people who have already been affected.
    Please help us to reach those who are struggling to survive; donate to our Yemen appeal today.

  • India and Pakistan flood Appeal

    Heavy rain in northern Pakistan and India has caused severe floods, affecting tens of thousands of people.
    We’re on the ground in both countries, identifying how we can contribute effectively to the relief effort as soon as possible.

  • Fighting childhood cancer in Africa

    Providing specialist cancer care– including screening and diagnosis, as well as follow-up and palliative care, to children across Africa, at an oncology wing based in South Africa.

  • Bosnia Emergency Appeal

    A State of emergency has been declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia after the heaviest rain and worst floods since records began 120 years ago. Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides have buried houses.

  • Iraq Emergency Appeal

    Iraq is already facing its worst humanitarian crisis since 2006. Aid agencies, including Islamic Relief, have called for increased international support for humanitarian intervention in the west of the country, where protracted violence in Anbar has forced tens of thousands of families from their homes.

  • Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

    Islamic Relief is providing emergency relief to hundreds of families across Afghanistan affected by devastating landslides and flash-flooding. At least 500 people are thought to have been killed so far. Please donate to our Global Emergencies Fund to support the relief effort.

  • East Africa Appeal (Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan)

    As part of the East Africa appeal, Islamic Relief is providing vital aid as South Sudan faces its first major humanitarian crisis since it was established as the world’s newest independent nation. Up to 7.3 million people are at risk of starvation.

  • CAR (Central African Republic) / Chad

    The on-going crisis in Central African Republic (CAR) has claimed thousands of lives. Islamic Relief is working inside CAR and in neighbouring Chad to help those affected by the humanitarian crisis.

  • Philippines Typhoon Appeal

    As millions of people are thought to require immediate humanitarian aid in the wake of 'super typhoon' Haiyan, The DEC has launched an emergency appeal.

  • Emergency Fund

    The Emergencies Fund allows us to reach those affected by disasters worldwide in the shortest possible time, providing emergency food, water, shelter and medical treatment. It also allows us to work in disaster-prone areas to minimise the impact of future disasters.

  • West Africa Appeal (Niger, Mali and Chad)

    18 million people are at risk of severe food shortages in West Africa due to severe drought. Islamic Relief is providing life-saving food, water and medical care including health screening for children. We are also working hard to stop the situation from deteriorating further and providing communities with solutions including cereal banks and sustainable farming opportunities.

Ongoing Appeals+

  • Palestine Appeal

    Your donations to the Appeal for Palestine support our work to provide vulnerable families in the Palestinian Territories with much-needed humanitarian aid and assistance.
    Home to some 1.8 million people, Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on Earth. Development has been strangled by years of blockade and recurring outbreaks of conflict - the most recent of which killed more than 2,000 people and left tens of thousands homeless in a coastal enclave already suffering deep poverty.
    Islamic Relief, from its Gaza office, has been assisting affected families during the latest crisis. We are now focussing on supporting communities to recover from the conflict.

  • Myanmar (Burma) Emergency

  • Nelson Mandela Hospital

    Islamic Relief is raising funds to support the development of the Nelson Mandela hospital’s oncology wing.
    Located in South Africa, the hospital will act as a hub for health centres throughout the region by providing state–of-the-art specialist care to all children.

General Donations+

  • Wherever needed most

    Please select from the categories below, or here to allow Islamic Relief to use your donation wherever the need is greatest and to support its programmes worldwide.

  • Zakat

    Zakat is a levy payable by wealthy Muslims for distribution to society's poor. Islamic Relief will ensure your Zakat is used to support poor communities around the world.
    To calculate your Zakat click here.

  • Sadaqa

    Sadaqa can be paid at any time of year. Sadaqa donations are used wherever they are most needed and often allow us to reach communities whose suffering is not known but are desperately in need of help.

  • Fidya / Kaffara

    Fidya and kaffara are payable for any days of fasting that are missed. For any days missed through necessity, Fidya is payable, and for any days missed unnecessarily, Kaffara is payable.

Sectors of Work+

  • Health Solutions

    Good health is about more than just medicine and treatment. Providing access to healthcare and medication is fundamental in the fight against poverty. Islamic Relief’s work includes building hospitals and clinics, running healthcare centres as well as providing vital training to local communities on diet and health practices that can prevent sickness and malnutrition. During an emergency response Islamic Relief also provides humanitarian aid that often includes emergency health care items.

  • Food solutions

    Millions around the world continue to face food shortages due to drought and conflict. Our food programmes ensure vulnerable communities have access to the food and nutrition they need to survive difficult periods as well as prepare for their occurrence.

  • Water solutions

    Millions around the world do not have access to clean safe water and basic sanitation facilities, leading to a rise in preventable disease and deaths. Islamic Relief?s water projects include building wells and water supply systems, installing sanitation facilities and raising awareness on good hygiene practices.

  • Microfinance Solutions

    Islamic Relief believes in helping people to help themselves. Our income-generation projects aim to help individuals utilise their own skills and resources to become self-reliant by providing microcredit loans.

  • Child Solutions: Orphans and children in need

    Children, particularly orphans, are often the most vulnerable in poor societies and in areas affected by disaster and conflict. Islamic Relief?s child and orphan welfare programmes help support vulnerable children, improving their living standards and giving them the chance of a better future.


  • General Waqf
       x =

    For those who are unsure of which sector to donate to, we will use it where it is most needed.

  • Livelihoods Waqf
       x =

    We live in a world where around 2.2 billion people are either near or living in poverty. We need your help to support them to build themselves a life outside of poverty.

  • Water & Sanitation Waqf
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    783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. Together we can change this.

  • Education Waqf
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    We think everyone has a right to an education, but around 57 million children have no school to go to. Donate to give a child an education.

  • Health and Nutrition Waqf
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    400 million people do not have access to essential health care services. We need your help to support them.

  • Orphans Waqf
       x =

    Support an orphan today and you’ll be supporting a whole community. We give orphans the opportunity to make a life outside of poverty.

  • Emergency Relief Waqf
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    From conflict in Syria to floods in Pakistan, emergencies are a disastrous but definite part of life. Although we can’t stop them from happening, we can reduce the affect that they have.

  • Qurbani Waqf
       x =

    For some, the Qurbani meat that we distribute is the only meat they’ve eaten all year.

  • Sadiqah Jariyah

    You can donate any amount of money to Sadaqah Jariyah and we will invest it as we invest a Waqf share, meaning the return on investment can continue to fund vital sustainable projects such as wells, hospitals and schools, year on year.

  • Orphan-Endowment Waqf Fund (South Africa)

    This Waqf fund is for sponsoring orphans in South Africa, where nearly 4 million children have lost one or both of their parents.


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