Faith inspired action
  • Wherever Needed Most
    x Donate today and support those that are in most need around the world.


  • Zakat
    x Zakat is a levy payable by wealthy Muslims for distribution to society's poor. Islamic Relief will ensure your Zakat is used to support poor communities around the world.
    To calculate your Zakat click here.
  • Fidya / Kaffara
    x Fidya and kaffara are payable for any days of fasting that are missed. For any days missed through necessity, Fidya is payable, and for any days missed unnecessarily, Kaffara is payable.
  • Ramadan Food Packs
    x The Ramadan project is implemented by Islamic Relief through food distribution activities during the month of Ramadan.
    Muslims from around the world donate money which is used to purchase essential food items which are divided into packs. The packs are then distributed to needy people in some of the poorest regions of the world on behalf of the donors.
  • Zakat el Fitr
    x Every adult, self-supporting Muslim with more food than they need must pay Zakat-el-Fitr (currently around EURO 4 or USD 7) before Ramadan ends.
    You can also pay on behalf of any dependents, and you are obliged to pay for any dependents that cannot pay themselves. With Islamic Relief, your Zakat-el-Fitr secures food staples for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.
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Current Appeals+

  • Global Emergencies
    x Help provide life-saving aid during an emergency anywhere in the world.
  • Eastern African Climate Crisis
    x One of the worst El Nino climate fluctuations in history has left a large swathe of Africa facing severe drought and food shortages. Families in Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Malawi are going hungry following failed harvests and time is of the essence in preventing the drought from becoming a famine
  • Syria Crisis Appeal
    x $50 can provide a family with food for a fortnight, $150 can provide a family with living essentials including blankets, mattresses and a stove.
  • Mediterranean Refugee Crisis
    x $150 can provide blankets and coats to 10 refugees.
  • Yemen Appeal
    x $90 can give a family food for a whole month, $300 can provide a family access to a source of clean water.
  • Iraq Appeal
    x Help provide emergency food and water to displaced families.
  • Rebuilding Gaza
    x Help us rebuild lives after the destruction in Gaza.
During appeals and campaigns Islamic Relief Worldwide raises funds from many different sources at the same time. Should the total amount raised by an appeal exceed the amount required, Islamic Relief may use your donation in similar areas of extreme need.

General Donations+

  • Wherever Needed Most
    x Donate today and support those that are in most need around the world.
  • Sadaqah
    x Support those that are in most need around the world with the most appropriate intervention
  • Waqf
    x Donate a waqf share for an investment that will keep growing.
       x =
  • Orphans and children
    x Support Orphans and children around the world, through sponsorship and child welfare projects.
  • Feed the Needy
    x $80 can help provide crops and training to families to help.
  • Water for Life
    x $230 can support a family in Niger with water through a deep borehole, $550 can provide clean water to 3 families in Chad through a solar powered water system.
  • Long-Term Livelihoods
    x Your single donation is recycled to help family after family, to earn for themselves for years to come, an ongoing charity.

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Donations made via this website are treated according to UK tax rules. If you wish to make your donation according to a different tax system, please click here for a list of Islamic Relief Partners. An Islamic Relief partner is an Islamic Relief office that is operating independently but under licence obtained from Islamic Relief Worldwide.